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We view risks as opportunity. These risks are barriers to entry or minefields that your competition might avoid or engage without effective preparation. That’s good news for our partnership.

Our due diligence and insightful consideration of the financials, the quality of management and potential growth of the company under review makes investment targets successful calculated risks.

We provide in-depth expertise in handling company valuations and acquisitions and identifying investment opportunities by means of rigorous selection procedures. Our risk management techniques vary from the extremes of deliberate and calculated to reactionary techniques, which are cutting edge and battlefield & boardroom proven.
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Cutting edge and proven organizational efficiency programs and tools such as Six Sigma, Total Quality Management (TQM), Lean, Push-Pull, 5S and Theory Of Constraints (TOC) are effectively applied to the processes we engage. Whether we deliberately apply or indirectly benefit from the efficiency mindset of these recognized tools, our clients benefit from the best practices and successes of our partners.

Proteus ensures that the risks/reward equation always accurately reflects our clients’ strategy.

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